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Car Cost Advisor

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Car Cost Advisor is a unique web application which translates current car taxation into an objective customer argument. Choosing the right car is difficult enough in itself. The evolution of CO2 emissions, the successive changes in tax regimes and the various financing options have increased uncertainty in making the right decision and made it more complicated. The concept “Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)” has lost credibility as an objective factor of predictability and certainty. In just 6 simple steps, you can translate the current car taxation into an objective argument. It is even possible with the application to compare multiple vehicles with each other. The result is that you can make the right decision with full knowledge.


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Managing Partner



EuroFleet Consult is an automotive training and consultancy company operating in the fleet and car financing sector. Founded in 2000, and since 2019 part of Macadam Europe.


Engineering, and implemtation of live and on-line training and coaching programs on sales techniques for B2B and private lease, car taxation, TCO, LCV.

Storyboarding and engineering of e-learning modules

Car Cost Advisor: thé market reference tool for TCO-simulations on PC, LCV and fleets (currently BE and FR, other markets in planning).


Eurofleet Consult has a thorough knowledge of the fleet, used cars and remarketing business in most of European countries, relying on a team of highly qualified, senior and multi-lingual professionals with multi-disciplinary skills. We are a knowledge company supporting our customers in strategic assignments to sustainably improve their performance in terms of sales, TCO, remarking and fleet management.



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